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Leather Therapy Blanket Wash

Leather Therapy Blanket Wash

Saddle Pad and Blanket (Horse rug) Wash liquid laundry concentrate breaks down heavy soils and protein-based grime and contaminants. Eliminates odours and brightens colours on breathable, waterproof fabrics while caring for rugs, saddle pads and rain sheets created from hi-tech textiles. 

Won't strip the waterproofing from your rugs!

To reduce the spread of skin problems from horse-to-horse, use with Saddle Pad and Blanket Rinse (below) with sanitizing agents:

  • deep cleans
  • eliminates odours
  • refreshes blankets and protective boots and wraps
  • great for hi-tech textile jackets and clothing
  • grooming brushes and cloths
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